Montenegrin activists at the Map of women activism of the Western Balkans and Turkey

Mar 8, 2018
Montenegrin activists  at the Map of women activism of the Western Balkans and Turkey

On the occasion of this global celebration of women, the EU-UN Women regional programme "Implementing Norms, Changing Minds," which partners with 48 civil society organizations in the Western Balkans and Turkey, has created an interactive map showcasing some of the brave women working to end discrimination and violence in the region.

The map celebrates the work and voices of the activists who are working relentlessly to claim women’s rights and help them realize their full potential. Check out our activists’ map here:

These are activists from MONTENEGRO. 

Marijana Milic

"The majority of women who are victims of human trafficking in Montenegro are from the Roma and Egyptian communities; they are often trafficked for sexual exploitation. In addition, these women face multiple discrimination as they are also victims of early marriages, which is a common practice within their communities."

Marijana Milic -Montenegrin Women's Lobby

collage IWD

"With sister-like solidarity through the activist-feminist approach to women's rights, let’s change the environment in which we live by allowing women to become stronger, more independent and start talking and making decisions about their lives."

Aida Petrovic-Montenegrin Women's Lobby


One of the main problems faced by Roma and Egyptian women in the 21st century is arranged child marriages, which denies them their right to education, endangers their health, limits their independence and puts them at risk of becoming victims of violence."

Fana Delija-Center for Roma Initiatives, Niksic

ivana p

"Fighting for gender equality in Montenegro is the collective effort of women to address the problems they face on a daily basis, but we cannot solve these problems alone. Our main challenge is to make all citizens aware, both women and men, that achieving equality is a responsibility for us all."

Ivana Pejovic-SOS Telephone for women and children victims of violence- Niksic