Project “Access to Justice for Victims of Violence”

Aug 20, 2015
Project “Access to Justice for Victims of Violence”

UNDP in Montenegro is actively conducting a project entitled: “Access to Justice for Victims of Violence”. The project was launched in January 2015, and will end in December 2015.

The main focus of the project is to support the achievement of sustainable and efficient system for the protection of victims of domestic violence. It aims to reduce predominant patriarchal stereotypes on gender roles and therefore latent excuse for gender based violence by judiciary representatives. This is to be achieved by looking into perceptions present in the judiciary on violence in family. As part of the response Project will develop tailored educational programs implemented in two rounds: 1.Training for trainers and 2. Training for judiciary.

The budget of EUR 62,966.00 has been funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade and UNDP. The key partners in Project implementation are: Women’s Rights Center, Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, Ministry of Justice, Center for Education of judges, representatives of Judiciary and Prosecution Councils, representatives of Basic Court and Misdemeanor Courts Commission and UNDP. Project plan is available for download.