New e-platform - Gender Map of Montenegro

Nov 30, 2020

New e-platform - Gender Map of Montenegro represents an innovative approach in presenting a complex socio-economic picture of society in various spheres.

The Gender Map offers a wealth of data, analysis and other content, which enables decision makers, civil society representatives, researchers, the private sector, academia and the international community to learn more about certain social trends, but also about the problems that determine the further development of our society.

The goal of developing this online platform is to raise awareness and continuously monitor the impact that Covid-19 has on all levels of Montenegrin society, highlighting the findings of numerous studies that indicate different realities of life of women and men in Montenegro, especially the challenges posed by the pandemic. with themselves, and among which are certainly gender-based violence.

This unique online platform is a valuable source of information, research, stories from practice and a space for knowledge exchange.

On the Gender Map platform, all those interested can apply for trainings in numerous areas related to gender equality.