Women entrepreneurship in Montenegro

Mar 20, 2012

This research was conducted by Ipsos Strategic Marketing for Gender Equality Program IPA 2010, which is implemented in partnership by Delegation of the European Union in Montenegro, the Ministry for Human and Minority Rights and UNDP in Montenegro.
The views and opinions expressed in this study do not necessarily coincide with the views and opinions of the partners in the Program

Professor Jeffry A. Timmons defines entrepreneurship as a process in which something is developed from almost nothing. Woman entrepreneur is a person who, in the process of identifying opportunities, raising funds for its realization and distribution of new value takes risks in money, time and reputation.

The first association of women entrepreneurs was founded in 1945 by Yvonne Foinant in France. After that FCEM (Femmes Chef d’Enterprises) grew from French association to worldwide alliance of women entrepreneurs with 30 member countries. The first scientific work which drew attention to increasing trend of this kind of entrepreneurship was done in 1976, and published in American magazine ”Journal of Contemporary Business”.

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