Bojana's story: Wind at my back

Oct 10, 2017
Bojana's story: Wind at my back

Bojana Perovic has avocation of specialists in business psychology and management. Our interviewee has five years experience in the field of recruitment and HR, thanks to that, she believes that understands the needs and priorities of young people.

Bojana's entrepreneurs dealing with recruiting candidates for employment in the Middle East, but also some European countries (employment of nurses in the UK and Germany, the seasonal employment of students in Germany, jobs for IT professionals in Hungary, Au Pair program in Germany and China for young people up to 29 years.)
"International experience is today valuable, so candidates who possess it, have a great advantage. My international work experience, as well as work on a cruise ship, contributed to more easily understand the importance of employment abroad, but also challenges that it brings. In its offer, of course, we have the possibility of employment in Montenegro, but I can say that the interest in the work and work abroad is much higher. The agency, which I plan to open later this month will be paid to the provision of consultancy services to all people who are looking for work - whether in Montenegro, the region and beyond. In our work we will focus on training preparing for a job interview, writing a CV, cover letter, and beside of that, we will meet them with disruptive technique in the process of looking for a job, "says Bojana.

Bojana is dealt with this work about the year, part-time, as an extension of the agency from abroad, thanks to that, today she has decided to take this step.