Majada’s business from Syria in Montenegro: Learn the rules like a professional to develop them as an artist

Sep 9, 2017
Majada’s business from Syria in Montenegro: Learn the rules like a professional to develop them as an artist

This time we are presenting you thestory of Majada Masaran, winner of the awardfor contribution to the development of womens’ entrepreneurship in starting their own businesses in 2017, at the conference "Power of Woman" organized by the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Montenegro in May 2017.

Meeting with the market and society ready to endorse each type of innovation and quality is what encouraged Majada Masaran to transfer to Montenegro her fifteen-year entrepreneurial experience from Syria in 2016, by starting a business in Podgorica.

Majada Masarani is entrepreneur dealing with cosmetics for 15 years. She has been relatively new to our market. In 2016 she decided to start a business in Podgorica by founding the company called „Sirian DOO“ within which beauty salon operates.

„When you are starting a business, initially you have a certain degree of fear“.

What is specific about heris that for the first six-seven months there was no profit.''But now'', she says. ''I stood up, I hired a worker on insurance, in one word – I do business legally. I manage to cover all costs of business and generate profit for myself and my family. After all, I was able to obtain residence papers for me and my children, which is a great satisfaction and fulfillment of a great goal for someone who is a foreign citizen".

At the invitation of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Montenegro, Majada is participant of the current program of education of women and economic empowerment implemented by UNDP and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, with the support Delegation of European Union to Montenegro.

Majada encourages women to come to the trainings and obtain information related to the start up as well as the possibility for the development of existing businesses, and to improve their business and write a business plan that everyone in the group, under supervision of the consultant can contribute to.

At the trainings you make friends, you can get good ideas, find collaborators (employees ) or employers, but first of all, and what is the biggest motivation and satisfaction at the same time – you can gain support because the the programme also works on receiving support for enterpreneurs from the local government, women's entrepreneurial organizations, governmental institutions, international organizations and financial institutions and commercial banks.