Jelena’s light from the onyx lamp

Author Hajdana Simović
Sep 14, 2017
Jelena’s light from the onyx lamp

Jelena Kovacevic is a 32-years old economist who comes from Niksic, and her business idea is production of onyx lamps and souvenirs made of stone. In realization of Jelena’s business and creating art in this form, Jelena received support from her husband Nikola.

"I was the initiator of turning our hobby into a business idea, which soon proved realistic and possible. In this business, I have found myself, a new call for myself - launching a completely new and unusual product, its elegant and sophisticated presentation on the market and designing promotions for the same", Jelena tells us.

Asked whether this job, in addition to personal satisfaction and pleasure, would bring the material benefit, being an economist, our Jelena firmly believes that the product would have a break-through into the market with its originality and quality.

" First of all because it appears as a newly presented product, unique in our region. I'm working to be an entrepreneur, which is the reason why I'm part of your program, with the aim to introduce the product, primarily with all its qualities. In this way I would also promote, and get feedback, impressions andopinions about the product, build mutual cooperation and analyze possible, potential buyers including imaginary ones, and thus create more suitable market".

Jelena is participating in the current program of education of women and their economic empowerment within the "Support to implementation of the anti-discrimination and gender equality policies in Montenegro" program, implemented by UNDP and the Ministry of Human and Minority Rights, with the support Delegation of European Commission in Montenegro. The programmeaims to help women to start or expand their own business in Podgorica and Niksic.

Jelena points out that the program , first of all, provided extremely professional cooperation with all its participants , and very important information that women as entrepreneurs should possess, not only about their product , but above all the ways in which her product can be displayed on the right way at the right time and in the right place. In addition, the programme taught them to recognize their strengths and weaknesses as entrepreneurs.

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"The programenabled me to create fantastic communication with other women entrepreneurs and by watching their business ideas from this angle, understand possible shortcomings of my own work, possible corrections and improvements of its full presentation and promotion – and that isthe reason why I joined in the first place. Briefly- development of old and newly acquired habits, managing my time and space, and thus the business idea".

According to Jelena's opinion on success, first of all you have to be yourself and that means give yourself with all the strengths and weaknesses to the project, be consistent, and ready for the fall and for the rise in every moment“.

"For success it is necessary to have hope and faith in your vision and concept, without looking around. It is necessary to grab time and information, be ready for all the cyclical changes that business brings with itself and of course with all this - love what you are doing and enjoy in this work because it is the initial energy that develops the thought into an idea, and an idea into business ", tells our entrepreneur.